Surprise your boyfriend on his birthday

So your boyfriend’s birthday is coming up. Are you tearing your hair in frustration, wondering what to gift him? You are not the only one — men never seem to like anything; nor do they indicate what they might want.  And let’s face it, it is so tough to buy anything for men!

Be that as it may, here are some tips to help you out in your moment of “crisis’.

  • Cook a big meal for him

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. And that holds true of boyfriends as well. Men love to eat! It;s as simple as that. And if your boyfriend has a healthy appetite, there is nothing he will appreciate more than a meal cooked by you.  This is not the day to count calories and remind him of healthy eating and exercise. Let him have his day.

  • Buy him tickets for his favourite sporting event

This one depends on his favourite sporting event being held around his birthday, and in his city of residence. But should it so happen, there’s nothing he will love more than a ticket to that cricket match, of football match. Just do not insist on going with him. If you do manage to buy two tickets, let him take his buddy. Remember, boys like to hang out with other boys, and they do not want you around when they are going to make fools of themselves, shouting and jumping like monkeys.

  • Try the jacket 

Which boy does not love to sport a jacket? Be it a denim jacket, or a leather jacket, or any other kind, guys love to flaunt them. It makes them feel sporty and racy. While a leather jacket could be a tad more expensive, you can always satisfy him with a denim jacket.

  • Tees with slogans

That’s another thing that most guys fall for – a tee shirt with a quirky slogan. Now ladies, you have to understand that men have a different sense of humour, compared to women. What you might consider raunchy or not in good taste, a guy might find just too funny. Look for a tee with an off-beat message and tell him to wear it on his birthday. You will share many laughs.

  • Backpacks

It is quite possible that your boyfriend already has one, but giving him a better-looking backpack won’t hurt. If your guy is into gymming and sports, he would welcome another backpack that can substitute as his gym bag.

In addition to these fab ideas, there are always wallets, belts, shoes and socks. Or a pair of jeans. Whatever it is, gift it with love.




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