Things to do if you feel you are being stalked

With this Varnika Kundu stalking case, women have to now be more aware and alert. It can happen to anyone of us. So instead of creating panic and screaming, here is the list of things you can do when you feel that you are being been stalked

Technology time

Women must start using technology to protect themselves, instantly click a picture of the stalker, take a screen grab of the messages, and post them on social media.

Send a Clear Message

If you do have contact with your stalker and feel safe doing so, tell him or her in no uncertain terms to leave you alone, now. You don’t have to scream or threaten them, but nor do you need to be overly polite. You’re not asking, you’re telling. Be clear, be firm, and be brief.

Inform others of your situation

One of the most important things you can do is to let people know about the stalking. Sharing your concerns with people you trust will gain you a much-needed network of support. These people will also be able to keep an eye out for you and help keep you safe.

SOS Apps

Download SOS apps, like the Raksha App, which let you, send your location to your loved ones, immediately informing them of you being in a difficult situation. They can send or come to help if you’re in danger.

Helpline Numbers

Helpline numbers can be your savior. The Government has set up a variety of helpline numbers to help women who are in danger. 1091 is the Women’s Helpline number pan India, 1096 is Anti-Stalking/ Obscene Calls Helpline for Delhi and this number is also linked to the Police Control Room (just like 100).

Start documenting

No matter how small or isolated an incident may seem, document what happened including the date and place. Take photos, video and save evidence such as notes or emails. The more evidence you have, the easier it will be to have the person arrested, charged or to obtain a restraining order against them. But don’t wait for the situation to escalate.

Keep changing Your Routine

Do not stick to your routine religiously if you feel you’re being followed. Take different routes to work or college and try leaving from there at different times to throw your stalker off. Also, if you do the same things on particular days, try switching them up if possible.

Develop a plan

Come up with a plan that you can quickly put into motion if you feel you are being threatened. This plan may include knowing a safe place to stay, having important documents and phone numbers at your disposal, or signaling people in the event of an emergency.

Paper spray

You should have paper spray and other things which you can use for your protection, or red chilies (lal mirch), sharp things like safety pin so that you can use at that time.

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