Things you can only share with your best friend

When everyone else fails to understand you, it’s only that best friend who comes to your rescue. Honestly, no one can appreciate the ‘weirdness’ in you more than this friend. Well, I believe everyone should have best friends in their life because without them life is so incomplete. So here I am telling you the secrets which you can only share with your BFF.

Your passwords to all your social media accounts

Yep, that includes Instagram. There are people you can trust with your life, and then there are people you can trust with your passwords. If you ever find anyone who you can trust with both, know that you’ve found your best friend forever.


Your Boyfriend Problems

While the rest of your pals might think your relationship is all hunky-dory, your bestie knows exactly what’s happening. She understands you, sympathizes with you, and gives you the best advice. She’s your guardian angel and probably one of the reasons why your man and you are still together.

Family Problems

When it comes to talking about one’s family issues, you probably wouldn’t share things with any random friend. However, there is one person who knows what goes on within the four walls of your home. That’s right – it’s your bestie.

Your Deepest Fears

There’s only one person who knows about your phobias and your deepest, darkest fears. And yes, that happens to be your bestie. Whether you’re scared of heights, spiders or even commitment, she knows them all. However, in spite of knowing the things that give you the heebie-jeebies, she never uses them against you. Instead, she finds ways to help you overcome your fears. That’s what friends do.

Your awkward texting sessions with your crush

Because in all probability, your BFF was the one who helped draft, proofread, reward, re-proofread and send it.

 Your seriously questionable taste in 90s music

Which you wouldn’t ever admit to anyone, even if your one true love was being threatened at knifepoint right in front of your eyes. Govinda’s numbers are just so damn catchy; we feel you.

All the Gossip Deets

According to girl-code norms, juicy gossip is only shared with a trusted individual. And who better on earth to share it with than your bestie? Face it – no one’s going to be more excited than them when it comes to matters like these. So, boyfriend, if you thought you’re the only one she shares exclusive deets with, you’re highly mistaken. Besties are gossip friends for life.

Your no-makeup face

A privilege that even your soulmate won’t ever be entitled to. May be they are sleepovers or something will always be happy whatever you may look like.

Your fashion adviser

Your best friend is the one whom you consult what you should wear at what occasion. She is the godmother in your life. And sometimes you can wear her clothes and she makes you do all your make up things.

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