Tips to make your boring Sunday into an interesting one

Everybody loves Sunday as it is the only day when you get too relaxed from a busy weekend, but sometimes Sundays can be very very boring. So to make your Sundays interesting and loving. We have got some easy tips how to make your boring Sunday into the interesting one.

Have a leisurely breakfast or brunch

Cook something you wouldn’t have time to cook on a weekday morning. Go all out, make coffee in a french press, have some toast, spread out your newspaper like you own the place, grab a book, grab a kindle or whatever else you have to read to hand and read slowly.

Pamper yourself

Pampering yourself is too much fun.How about gathering candles, your favorite beverage, and some bubbles or bath oil, and slipping into the tub and out of reality for a while.Go out and get a manicure, pedicure or whatever relaxing thing you can possibly afford outside of your home. Go get a new haircut or color or get a professional massage.

Try playing a sport, even just for fun

Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, go be active and get some great exercise at the same time. You can get together to play sports informally or join a league with Sunday games or practices.

Get out of your house

If you spend all day inside when you feel the onslaught of boredom, you will inevitably be more bored. You see your walls all the time. Go and look at something that isn’t your wall. I mean it.

Make weekly goals

Nothing is more satisfying than being able to check something off a list. So write down all the stuff you want to get done this week and keep it with you.

Take some time for yourself

It’s great to make checklists, take care of chores, and get organized for the week ahead, but don’t forget to make some YOU time.Try practicing mindfulness, which has been shown to help reduce anxiety, increase concentration and will-power, improve memory, and boost your immune system

Wear an old outfit

Wear something a bit weird. Wear something that makes you smile or feel uplifted. Wear your prom dress. Wear a snowsuit. Wear your school dress. Whatever you own that makes you feel interesting or sexy or cheerful. And then click lots and lots of selfies.

Wardrobe makeover

Even if you not really the kind of person who likes to stay up to date on the trends of the fashion world, it is okay to give your wardrobe a stylish make-over every once in a while. Get rid of all those old, worn out, faded and ill-fitted clothes piled up in your wardrobe. Go on a shopping spree with that chic friend of yours who gives the best fashion advice! This is a really enjoyable as well as the useful way to spend your Sunday.

Family and fun

Well, this is your chance to make up for all the anniversaries, birthday parties and other family functions you have missed owing to your busy schedule. Organize a fun get-together with your family members and relatives. Invite all the cousins, uncles and aunts you haven’t seen in ages despite living in the same city.

Clean up

Well clearing out the mess and arranging things in an organized manner can actually make you feel better. Stop being a hoarder and throw out/ give away everything which you have not used for quite some time. Give your room a makeover by rearranging the furniture, painting the walls or adding some pretty tea-lights! This will not only make your Sunday worthwhile, it will also make you feel good for days to come.

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