Trying to lose weight? Add protein to your diet

You are trying to lose weight and you think you are doing everything right. Eating carefully, including greens and veggies in your diet, and exercising regularly. But something is wrong – you are not making much headway in your weight reduction efforts.

It could be the lack of protein in your diet.

Protein is a very essential part of your intake, regardless of whether you are trying to lose weight or not. It is the building block of your muscles, vital for the formation and functioning of your cells, and absolutely essential for good hair and supple skin.

But it also performs a magic trick if you are trying to lose weight — it makes you feel full for longer intervals of time. Thus, including protein in your diet gives a boost to your weight loss programme.


How it works

Protein reduces the secretion of the appetite-increasing hormone, ghrelin, thus making you feel less hungry. Adequate protein intake lessens food cravings and boosts metabolism, thereby burning stored fat faster.

So, add chicken breast, lean meat, fish, eggs, etc, to your daily diet. In case you are an eggitarian, then include at least two eggs each day in your breakfast. Go for cottage cheese, soy milk, tofu, and protein powder as well.



If you happen to be a vegetarian, ensure that you consume protein-rich foods such as pulses, peas and soy on a regular basis.

Regular consumption of adequate protein makes you less prone to diseases such as osteoporosis, your healing takes place faster and you ill less frequently as your immune system is strong. Protein intake also improves brain functioning.

To conclude, protein is essential not just for people who want to lose weight, but for just about everybody.

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