12 signs, that your boyfriend is not serious about you

A good relationship is not only about making out love it includes a lot of things if your man is really serious about you he would do any effort to be with you, talking about the future, taking decisions about the life and much more. Well, how do you come to know that your man is serious about you or not? Well here are 12 signs that will tell you that your bf is serious for you or not.

He keeps his world separate

If he doesn’t make an effort to introduce you to his family and friends, chances are he’s not serious about you. If a man is committed to you, he’ll make an effort to include you in his sphere and introduce you to people he’s close to.

Doesn’t talks about future

If he’s not comfortable talking about your future together. If he’s uncomfortable when you initiate a conversation about it and completely dismisses the topic, take that as his refusal to commit.

Keeps the relationship under wraps

There are high chances that your relationship is temporary in his mind if he goes an extra mile to keep it private. If he’s not mentioned you to his friends or doesn’t like to be seen with you, know that he might be stringing you along.

 You aren’t top on his priority list

In the end, it’s all about priorities. If he’s very rigid about his schedule and doesn’t make time to see or talk to you, you should consider that as a serious issue. When a man is in love with you, he’ll give you time, even if he’s swamped with work.

He’s not interested in what you have to say

If you’re telling him about your life and you can see his disinterest or you know that he’s zoned out, it’s not the most reassuring feeling. It also is a huge sign of indifference if this is a regular occurrence.

He doesn’t include you in his decisions

As his girlfriend, you get to be a part of the big decisions of his life because they will affect you as well. If he doesn’t involve you in his life decisions and instead only thinks about himself, take that as a warning sign that he’s just not that into you.

There is no emotional intimacy

In a relationship, the most important thing is intimacy, both emotional and physical. If there is physical intimacy but the two of you lack an emotional connection, the relationship is not for keeps.

He never ever gets jealous

A guy who is afraid of losing you will get a little jealous, from time to time. The fear of being without you will keep him on his toes.

He makes you feel insecure

The one thing that your partner is supposed to do is make you feel loved and wanted. If he makes you feel insecure or like the relationship is not going anywhere, you need to take that feeling seriously. Trust your gut and do not shrug it off as irrelevant or irrational. It wouldn’t help your situation.

He stays in contact with girls he’s previously ex’s

I mean the girls who have stayed in his bed long enough to maintain an orgasm but not a conversation. If he’s texting girls he has never had an amicable relationship with, but has seen naked, then chances are he’s not texting them in pursuit of friendship, he’s keeping them around in case things with you don’t work out.

He is indifferent to your success

When you work relentlessly for that big promotion and finally receive it, finally earn it, he will be your biggest cheerleader along the way and at the finish line. He wants you to succeed.but he is not happy for you.

He makes you feel unwanted

Whether it’s physically or emotionally, the man who’s serious about you will make you feel wanted. You won’t be wondering why he hasn’t called or texted, you won’t be endlessly longing for affection that he isn’t giving you, you’ll know he wants you. He will make you feel that he wants you.

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