Cheesy things all the couples do… but never admit it

Admit it. All couples do the same cheesy things in order to show their affection for each other. Either you are just so much in love that you cannot help it but you may not necessarily want to accept the fact that you do them. Yep, that’s true. So here is list of the entire cheesy thing that couples do

Have pet names for each other

Yeah… don’t deny, some of the most random slightly nauseating terms were invented by couples… My schmoozie poo, my honeybun, my pumpkin pie, lovydovy, honey and my baby is the most common name you call to your partner.

Send each other cheesy romantic texts

That couple who says they have never ever texted a song’s lyrics or a cheesy dialogue from a movie to each other… They are lying. Although it sounds cheesy and flirty, you still love it.

Flaunt their love on social media

Ever so subtly. One of them will put a romantic status dedicated to the other and if someone asks or teases them about it, they casually shrug it off saying ‘Oh, I just read it somewhere.’

Write love letters

Irrespective of whether or not a couple is in a long distance, they occasionally do write each other cutesy long love notes. Cheesy AF but kinda romantic too.and you sometimes screenshot it too.

Celebrate their monthversary, kissversary, hugversary

Dear couples, do not deny this. It’s so damn true. Especially in the beginning of a relationship. It’s your 1st month then the 2nd month and every month.

Sending each other a huge no. of kiss emojis randomly.

Because one is just not enough to convey how much they love each other so they share kiss or love emojis to share their feelings with you.

Sing romantic songs for each other

Followed by a slow dance. Doesn’t even matter if they sound like a broken record and dance like they have 2 left feet… Each.

Say ‘I love you’ before disconnecting the phone

And no, that’s not optional. You have to say I love you at any cost or it can lead to some disastrous fight

Saving random memories

Like tickets for the first movie you went together, or some random souvenir from the restaurant you had your first date in or it can be the first love note you got.

Calling each other before going to bed

That’s something mandatory. How often you remember your friend leaving you to talk on the phone with his girlfriend on a guy’s night? Too many times right? Because it just cannot be ignored.

Matching Outfits

This always happens to me, especially when we go to the gym.  We are that couple that matches while we work out together.  I think it’s super cute when you match with your boo. It’s perfect when you take a selfie together too.

Feeding Each Other

We still see this thing all the time. A couple will be cuddled up on the same side of the booth feeding each other their meals. It may not be great to watch, but it’s still one of the cheesy things all couples do.

So friends do you also do all these cheesy things with your partner… if not then try out this is kinda fun.

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