Five Signs that you are Depressed

Severe Depression can be caused by many factors like financial worries, break-ups, failed marriages, loss of a loved one, loneliness etc. If you are one of the depressed people, then you might be having these symptoms: 

1. Feeling Tired 

Feeling Tired, Fatigued, Loss of Energy and Feelings of Apathy are signs of depression. Early morning waking and feeling exhausted and difficulty in getting back to sleep are symptoms of depression. Highly Depressed People might lose control over their lives because they feel sad, negative and isolated all the time. 

2.Weight Problems 

Depressed people might face Weight Problems. They might indulge in binge eating or starving themselves. Manny depressed people might indulge in drinking excessive alcohol, just to get a temporary relief. People with Depression might indulge in eating lots of sweets like Chocolates, Halwa, Ice-Cream etc. Hence Depressed people are more likely to become overweight. 

3. Apathy and Hopelessness 

Depressed people loose all interest in all of the things they used to enjoy. Going to good restaurants/hotels, shopping, travelling etc. or any other thing which they liked doing, would not make them happy. Thus, Depressed people feel hopeless and helpless. They feel that life is simply not worth living. 

4. Cant Sleep Properly 

Most Depressed people suffer from insomnia and other sleep problems. Depressed people might not be able to sleep the whole night and end up sleeping the whole day. And hence their professional and personal life is affected. 

5. Feel Sad and Gloomy all the Time 

Depressed people feel miserable and down most of the time. They think negative and at times have feelings of anxiety. Most depressed people keep sulking and crying. They feel sad and low most of the time.

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