Five Things You Feel, if you see your Childhood Crush Marrying another Girl

If you have had a crush or feelings for this guy from the time girls/guys actually start to have crushes, i.e. 14-15 years, and you always think of being with him. You have always wanted to be his girlfriend, best friend, or dreamt of marrying him. 

After many years, when you both are all grown-up , and you are still not over him and all of a sudden you see him marrying another girl whom he met just 6 months back, it can be really heart breaking. 

Five Emotions you go through when you see your Childhood Crush/Friend Marrying someone else: 

1. Feel Jealous-Its not good, but its true that you would feel immensely jealous of the other girl. You will envy her a lot, or even may be hate her.

 2. Tend To Wonder-You will tend to wonder what is wrong with you that your crush is not attracted to you or likes you. You will think ‘Am I Not Good Looking’, or ‘Not So Good Looking than the other Girl”, ‘Is she more educated or something’, ‘What has she studied?’’ MBA/LAW/FASHION DESIGNING ETC., Then you wonder those courses every other girl is doing today and doing jobs. It is no big deal. You may wonder “Are you not that well off”, then it comes to your mind that, even the other girl is not a millionaires daughter. Then may be you think, that may be your crush just din’t approve of you coz he always knew that you have always been interested in him and that is why he developed this unnecessary kind of attitude towards you. 


For instance, in the movie Pukar, Madhuri asks Anil what is wrong with me(coz she has always loved him since school) 


3. Feel Hurt & Cry– You feel really hurt. And if you are very sensitive you will fill up almost the buckets in your house with your tears. You think that from the time you were 14 or 15 years old you used to have a crush on this guy. You have grown up studying together, played together. You secretly used make picture collages by putting yours and his pictures together. You would write his name with yours and draw hearts in between, and do lots of silly and lovey dovey stuff imagining him, as a teenager. When you think of all that, you cry cry cry and cry a lot.


 For Instance in the movie, in the movie Dil Toh Pagal Hai, Karishma cries a lot when she gets to know Shahrukh Loves Madhuri, and Karishma & Shahrukh have been Childhood Friends 

4. Feel Cursed– You think that even when ‘iam so Good Looking(may be even more Good Looking than the other girl), Educated, From a Well-Off family background. It is just that ‘Iam misfortunate, cursed , that I have endedup being loser, or being the rejected girl ‘. You think ‘iss ladki ki bas kismet achhi hai’, ‘It is just that she has a good fate and probably iam ill-fated’. 

5. Feel Depressed & Heart Broken-It can be absolutely heart breaking to see your dream guy marrying some other girl. You wonder ‘Why is he not marrying me , why is he marrying this girl whom he just met few months back. You may end up weeping for months when you think about all those childhood days with him. You will end up feeling very depressed. And this depression can last for months.

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