Love Thy Neighbour!!….:)

Falling in love with your neighbour, being best friends with your neighbour, liking your neighbour , having a crush on your neighbour, it is all about loving your neighbour. 

We dig into some love stories that blossomed across the wall and other neighbourhood romances. “We were neighbours, we just had a boundary wall between our houses. We used to study from the same tution teacher for our boards. My neighbour had only suggested that I should also study from the same teacher. It was that time when our friendship blossomed into love. I truly cherish those teenage years of my life”, says Priya Mehta who is now happily married to her neighbour and childhood friend Akhilesh. 

Actors Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra were constantly linked to each other. Both are next door neighbours and hence became even more close friends. They can walk into each others house whenever they want. The ShahidPriyanka love story was blown out of proportion when the Income Tax people found Shahid in Priyanka’s room early in the morning. Priyanka clarified to the media that Shahid is my neighbour and came to help me right away. That’s about it. “Priyanka and I are neighbours and we're friends. Let's leave it at that.”, said Shahid.And whatever Shahid may say he apparently likes his neighbour a lot. As the saying goes Love Thy neighbour. And who would’nt love to have a neighbour (Padosan) like Priyanka. 

The love story of Sourav Ganguly and Dona Roy would make perfect material for a masala Hindi Movie. As much as his cricketing career has been a ‘Tale to Tell’, his personal life is also no less than a movie script. All of us know the old adage “Love Thy Neighbour”, but Sourav took it a bit too seriously when he fell head over heels in love with his next door neighbour , Dona. The two familial houses shared a common boundary wall. Sourav and Dona grew up together and were best of friends.Like a true love struck teenage hero, Sourav would take a drive around Dona’s school with the hope of seeing her. But all was not rosey candy-floss.The families drifted apart and became sour enemies. Any kind of alliance between the two families was completely unacceptable. Even though the two families kept a distance, Sourav went to kept meeting Dona. The couple had a registered marriage later. After almost 14 years of marriage they are still the best of friends and friendlier neighbours. 

Moving away from real life, one can find so many instances of two neighbours falling for each other. 

For instance, in the famous novel and movie Devdas, Paro and Devdas’s are neighbours and childhood friends (Bachpanke Padosi). They have grown up playing with each other. Their childhood friendship blossoms into love. After some years (when Paro and Devdas grow up) Paro's grandmother approaches Devdas's mother with a marriage proposal. AlthoughDevdas's mother does’nt like it as they think Paro’s family does’nt matches their social status. Also she says she doesn’t wants a neighbours daughter who used to litter Dev’s house as a kid, as her daughter-in law. Inspite of all this Dev and Paro still love each other. At the end of the movie Dev tells Paro that lets go back to the house where we had spent our childhood, where we had dreamt of being together always, where our friendship blossomed into love. 

In the old and very famous hindi movie Padosan, a simpleton named Bhola (Sunil Dutt) falls in love with his neighbour Bindu (Saira Banu). He woos her by singing songs. Songs “Ek ghar banaunga, tere gharke saamne, duniyan basaunga tere gharke saamne”, “Yeh tera ghar yeh mera ghar”,“Meri samne waali khidki mein ek chand ka tukda rehta hai”, from the famous movie Padosan are written with keeping their neighbours in mind. They are best suited if you have a crush on your neighbour. 

Real life, books, films, songs, now you have this neighbour love happening in television advertisements also. The latest Nescafe Ad featuring Deepika Padukone is based on the Know your neighbours theme. Deepika and Purab are neighbours. Purab is thrilled to have Deepika as her neighbour and is dieing to be friends with her. Purab thinks the best way to become friends with a new neighbour is to invite her over a cup of coffee. 

So all those people who have a cute neighbour or a have huge crush on your neighbour, there is nothing to be shy, Just Love Thy Neighbour!!

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