Read it… and you’ll realize why having devar is too much fun

When a girl marries a boy, she just not marries the boy instead of the whole family and makes many new relations like the relationship with your mother-in-law, relation with your sister-in-law and much more but the most special relationship you share is with your brother-in-law, which is pretty unique. If you do not agree then I’ll give you 9 reasons why having never is so much fun

He appreciates what you do for him

You love cooking for him, taking care of his little things because he never fails to thank you for that. He always appreciates whatever you do for him, which in turn makes you feel happy.

No family secret remains a secret

Because the never tells all. It’s a trust thing you know. He’ll tell you all about everyone and all that has ever gone down in the history of the khandan. Even if he likes some girl, you’ll be the first to know.

You can play pranks on each other

Those little pranks are an essential part of a bhabhi-devar relationship. You will keep on playing pranks on each other. If you have a bro-in-law, you will be falling short of pranks, as he will always be coming up with new ones.

He will drive you around without any complaints

If you have to go shopping or anywhere and your husband is not around, you can always count on your devar to take you wherever you have to go. He will not make excuses like your husband, as he is always happy to be at your service.

You have someone to binge watch TV shows with

You can just slump down on the couch next to him and watch whatever is playing on the TV and have fun at it. He’s easy to hang around with

The best entertainer

Your siblings and your devar seem like relatives-turned-friends who always look forward to meeting each other. It’s so amazing to watch them get along with each other.

You are his love guru- as he tells all his girlfriend troubles in you

He knows you’ll understand and cover up for him at home if need be. His confidence in you makes you feel even more responsible for him.

He teases you to no end and you too enjoy taking his case

But, you know that he’ll ardently support you, in every possible way and fight for you if ever the need arises.

He looks up to you as a sister as well as a friend

For him, you are like a sister who takes care of him and a friend who would never betray him. Whenever he is hungry or is unable to find his favorite shirt, he will come to you. When he is having issues in his personal life, he would not hesitate in sharing that as well. In you, he has found a very rare combination and thus, he totally adores you.

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