Signs that your boyfriend is not going to marry you

Well, every girl who is in a relationship dreams of marrying her boyfriend. But are you sure that he wants to marry you? Well if not, then there some signs that your boyfriend is not going to marry you.

Avoids future talk

Does he gets uneasy and avoids you whenever you try and talk about your future to him? Or he dodges the topic every time you bring it up? Be alert, ladies! He might have something cooking in his mind. It could be a sign that he doesn’t want to marry you.

Doesn’t shows your relationship with him in public

If he’s talking down your relationship around other people, it means he has no confidence in what you have together – and that he’s not proud of it in the slightest.

Family problem

True love always finds a way. If he is serious about marrying you, then he’d find a way to convince his family that you were right for him or at least stand up for you if they were casting doubts.

Never introduces you to his family

Isn’t it a bit absurd that your whole family knows about him but you’re restricted to just his friends? Take it as an indication when he gets resistant about you meeting his parents or anybody in his family.

waiting for the right time

It sounds so mature and responsible for your guy to say that he will ask you to marry him as soon as “the time is right,” but this is just another stalling tactic. But people manage to tie the knot during less-than-perfect circumstances all the time.

Pushing the wedding date

He keeps pushing the wedding further and further. Maybe he proposed, but when you talk about the wedding, he keeps delaying it. That’s one of the huge signs he will never marry you.

He acts very distantly

You’ve noticed that he’s somewhat distant from you, almost as if he wants to break up with you. Well, maybe you should get the hint and just do it for him. This guy is obviously immature and not willing to talk about his feelings with you.

There’s no you in his future

.He doesn’t actually plan anything in advance with you, there are no summer holidays together or plans of moving in. Actually, there’s no you in his future.

Indecisive  nature

He can’t even decide what color shoes to wear, so what makes you think he can decide whether or not he wants to marry you. Marriage isn’t a pair of shoes, it’s a serious commitment you’re making to someone. So, if he can’t decide for himself, he won’t make a serious move like this.


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