Things you should never do in a healthy relationship


This is one of the major problems in relationships. People over think a lot even before something has happened. They panic about their honeymoon phase getting over, so much that it almost is ruined. Stop over thinking. If your partner says he is busy, take it just as it is. Do not go about thinking that he must be lying or he is not really busy or anything else. You should trust your partner completely but not blindly.

Taking things for granted

This is perhaps the biggest mistake, and what’s ironic is that we only do it with people we love. None of us like to be taken for granted by anyone in any relationship. After some time in relationships, we start taking our partners for granted which will automatically result in fights and break ups and divorces. So stay like if you are in the 1st month of your relationship then there would be no problems.

Bring up the past.

This is a major NO-NO in an argument. In a relationship, you should only be focusing on the present. No matter how brutal a fight might get, you should never bring up an event from the past. You have to leave it behind. If your boyfriend cheated on you, if your girlfriend did something fucked up that hurt you at one point, you have absolutely no right to bring it up again and use it as ammunition. It rightly said ‘don’t let the past blackmail your present to ruin the beautiful future’ so friends stop involving your past in your relationships.

Try to change who they are

Either accept them or leave. That’s it. You should never try to turn someone into what they’re not just to fit the mold of your ideal mate. That doesn’t exist. So you just have to accept them or keep walking.

Compare them

Ohh nooo, you should never compare the person right in front of you with anyone else. Don’t compare your girlfriend to some hot girl at the bar, or your boyfriend to the jacked guy at the gym. No one likes to feel like they’re in competition with someone they don’t even know. You’ll do nothing but make them feel bad about themselves and then they will resent you for it.

Hiding things from each other

Well, this really big problem. The day you start hiding things from your partner, it means there is no interest and trust left between you two. Whatever the matter is how hard the situation is you should never hide things from your partner as it will only lead to break ups and will make you disheartened.

Constant break ups

This is not a very cool thing to do in a relationship. If you have a problem, face it, talk it out and solve it. Threatening to leave is the last thing that one should and sadly this is one of the most commonly done mistakes in a stop giving threats of break ups all the time.

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