Things you should never do on your first date

When you are planning to go on your first date, you are quite nervous and excited. You want everything to be perfect and happening, no mistakes at all. It’s rightly said that the first impression is the last you need to be sure that you give your best impression. Sometimes there are things which you should avoid on your first the list goes like this…


-Rule no. 1, your clothes. Make sure whatever outfit you are wearing should be comfortable to you. Do not wear something which is inappropriate. Never go on a date with dirty or lousy clothes on. Food stains on clothes? Not attractive. Wrinkled shirt? Still not attractive.

-Punctuality, everyone likes to be punctual, be on time. As time is the most valuable thing. Being late to your first date is disrespect. If you are running late, call and inform them of the situation. And try not to be late. One thing more don’t ever cancel your date at last minute.

-Do not talk about your past relationships. Talking about your exes can sometimes make the situation weird, and it also shows that you haven’t moved on from your past relationships. Also, how you talk about your exes will give your date an idea as to how you are going to treat them in the future.

-Do not eat garlic or anything that smells bad as you’re going to be doing a lot of talking and listening so make sure that your mouth smells good. You can have chewing gum before or can use some mouth freshener.

-Never go on a date if you are can be very risky as you are out of your emotions, and nobody likes a person who is out of his control on his first date. Charm your date with your witty humor and not your witless lack of alcohol control.

-Don’t talk about your burden of your problems. Telling your problems on your first date can be very annoying for the person you are with. Dating is always meant to be fun, not moaning about your problems.

-Never and never check out or flirt with the other person as it can be insulting to the person who is there with you. You should give all your attention to the person sitting next to you.

-Do not be self-obsessed. When you endlessly talk about yourself you appear selfish, full of yourself, and unrelatable. Both of you should share your views your opinions.

-Avoid using cell phones as much as possible, only when there is very urgent need of it.

-Don’t say I love you or getting married and other big things on your first date. Dating should be taken one step at a time. Talking about such things will only make your date feel uncomfortable.

-Most important thing is, be mannerable and presentable. A person with good manners will be remembered over someone who can’t even be bothered to say please when asking to pass the salt.

so I hope that you’ll remember all these points before going to your date.


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