Ways of saying I love you without saying it

I love you… is the most magical and precious words you ever say in a relationship. But you don’t always have to say I love you to each other. You can always say you love them without even saying to them. So here is a list of things you can do to make your love happy.

Prepare his food that he especially likes

I know. It may seem a bit silly to you, but the feeling is real. They might say that “Love makes the world go round,” but the truth is—it’s food. Preferably homemade food and adding your extra love.

Leave a note

Before you dash off into your day, scrawl a quick “Sleep well!” and slip it on your partner’s pillow. When they find it at bedtime, they’ll know you were thinking of them in the morning. Similarly, if you’re traveling, drop a postcard in the mail. You can say something as uncomplicated as “Thinking of you” or “Wish you were here,” or you can write a paragraph about your trip. It’s an easy way to let your partner know you’re thinking of them, and anything analog is romantic these days because it takes extra work and feels special

Hang with their friends

Maybe you don’t like them. Maybe you’re like your friends better. Who cares. Put your judgments on hold and hang out with your partner’s crew. Ask them questions. Get to know them. It might turn out that you really like them. If you don’t, don’t show it. There’s nothing worse than a hypercritical person who is super picky about who they like and don’t like.

Group Of Friends Meeting For Lunch In Coffee Shop

Act Spontaneously

Take the impromptu road trip. Spend an afternoon blowing bubbles and making up silly outdoor games that only make sense to the two of you. Take a fun class together -throw pots, learn to cook something a little different, become amateur stargazers. The point is, break out of your usual routine and keep your relationship fresh and fun by doing something spontaneous together.

Set A Date Night And Stick To It

Corral the kids with a babysitter, let your parents and dear friends know you’re bricking your phones for the evening, and leave the phones behind. Give the babysitter the info about where you’re going in case a real emergency comes up and then go enjoy an evening together. Make it a regular part of your weekly or monthly routine so that you spend time celebrating your relationship.

Make or buy little things that make you think of them

Whether you’re at the farmers’ market and you see a jar of their favorite honey or you’re an expert knitter and you want to make them a pair of gloves, it’s always a good idea to give gifts. Who doesn’t love a present now and then? And if it’s something specific that you know they would want or need, all the better.

 Learn the lingo of his favorite hobby

Casually throw out your thoughts on the improved clinch knot or perhaps the Boone & Crockett Club. Or maybe drop some remark about the halyard or hawser. This kind of vocabulary is sure to get his attention.

Brag on him

Tell family and friends – maybe even complete strangers – how much you appreciate the man that he is. Preferably within his hearing.

Listen to his heart

Even if he doesn’t share it with words. Listen anyway. And listen carefully.Because his masculine heart might be different than your feminine one.But it’s still a heart.And it’s his.


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