When is the Right Time to Get Married?

In Indian Society, most elderly/traditional people say that most girls should get married before 25 years of age or maximum by 25 or 26. The pressure to get married starts building up on girls from the a very young age of 21.

And incase if you have crossed 26 and are not married, most of your friends, relatives will be like “Omg…you are 27,28 and still not married.” They tend to wonder there must be something wrong with this girl(Yes people are like that).

And people will keep asking you all the time when are you getting married, you cant even go to a social gathering or a relatives house/neighbour’s house coz you will get tired of hearing this.

Wonder why people in India treat Marriage as symbol/stamp of Social Accecptance (after a certain age).

We absolutely agree with Katrina Kaif about her opinion on Marriage in this Titan Advertisement.


Don’t get married

1.Just because all your friends are married

2. Just coz you tired/irritated of those aunties questions/taunts

3. Just coz you feel lonely on Valentine’s Day

4. Just coz your younger sister is also in line (to get married)

5. If you worry whether ull have company in old-age

6. If you are worried when will you have children

7. If your Ex-Boyfriend/Old Crush is getting married

You should get married when you find the special one who deserves you and your time. When you find that right person, who understands you, loves you beyond anything and treats you like a princess. You don’t get married for society/or to show to people. You marry for your own Happiness and Family Life!!

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