Avengers : Infinity war trailer dominates Social Media !

The Avengers have been preparing the fans for the ultimate movie and the success of the trailer proves it that the movie is highly anticipated by the fandom.?The trailer has already been the most viewed trailer in a day.In just a day it has garnered 230 million views and hulk has hulk smashed the social media .The movie is set to release in two parts. The previous record for the most viewed trailer was set up by the horror movie ‘IT’ which was a box office hit .

Previously the Thor Ragnarok was the most viewed marvel movie trailer with 136 million views. The Infinity trailer has brought out all the marvel heroes united on the front and has brought our comic book heroes to life thus highly increasing the anticipation for this superhero movie franchise . Scarlet Johansson who is reprising her role as Black Widow says the fans can except over 60 marvel characters in the movie franchise and we are gushing over it.

Surprisingly this movie will have a Bollywood competitor with the Akshay Kumar , Rajnikanth starrer movie 2.0 is set to release on the same day as Avengers :Infinity wars. The Avengers movie franchise is set to release on May 4th , 2018 but will release a week earlier in India i.e on 27th April , clashing with the South Indian Superhero Rajnikant’s movie 2.0. This movie is an Indian science fiction movie shot directly in 3D alongside Akshay Kumar and Amy Jackson.

Meanwhile the Avengers have assembled an impressive hero list giving equal hero importance to every character which was the major complain by the DC fans who believe DC movies give importance to only 1-2 characters ignoring the rest of the superheros. The Avengers which we may get to see in the movie are Scarlet witch and Vision , whose romance is hinted in the trailer itself , Doctor Strange , Ant -man ,Nebula , Mantis , Gamora , Black Panther , Winter soldier , The Collector to name a few. The trailer showed the Guardians of the galaxy ensemble meeting Thor and it will be an adrenaline rush to wash this action packed movie.

The main villain will be Thanos and it will be a funĀ  watch how Iron man and Captain America will bring their team of Avengers to defeat the the Titan of death.

Are you excited for the Infinity war ? Who is your favorite marvel superhero ? Let us know in the comments below !

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