Deepika Padukone nails the traffic cop look

You can trust Deepika Padukone to pull off any look. If she looks regal in heavy costumes in period movies such as Padmavat and Baajirao Mastani, she manages to nail the tough cop look with equal ease.

Recently, Deepika was spotted shooting for an ad in Film City, Mumbai. It is believed that the ad was for a popular airline and hotel booking website.

Dressed as a traffic cop, Deepika wore a crisp white shirt and khaki pants, with her hair tied up in a neat bun. She could be seen chilling on the bonnet of a jeep, looking totally bindaas.  

A few days ago, boyfriend Ranveer Singh was also seen in a cop avatar for his upcoming Rohit Shetty film, Simmba. Well, Deepika is out to give him tough competition! Incidentally, this is the very first time that she has donned the cop look.

As for her magnum opus Padmavat, the movie is all set to release on January 25. It was originally scheduled for release on December 1, 2017, but the date had to be rescheduled because of ugly right-wing protests, which refuse to die down. It is widely speculated that the protests are politically motivated.

Meanwhile, her fans live in hope.



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