Five memorable performances of Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan is a force to reckon with. His acting prowess and choice of films, his professional attitude, his commitment to perfection, and other attributes have made him a huge superstar. Almost any film he does becomes a mega hit. He brings genuineness to all his performances, making people fall in love with him.

Here are some memorable performances of Aamir.

  • Rang de Basanti

This movie merged a pre-Independence story line with present times in a very convincing manner. Though it boasts of several famous actors, Aamir Khan’s performance stood out. Playing the role of a young man who does not want to leave the university he has studied in because he is unsure of life in the real world, Aamir and his friends meet a British girl who wants to make a documentary on pre-Independence India. In the process, the characters discover themselves, and fight against the ills of the country. The ending has deliberately been left vague. Aamir steals the show with his portrayal of a man who learns to fight for what is right.

  • Dhoom 3

After the huge success of Dhoom and Dhoom 2, came Dhoom 3, this time with Aamir in a double role – one, a normal brother (Sahir), and the other his twin, autistic brother (Samar). They run a circus they have inherited from their father (Jackie Shroff). Sahir pulls off incredible magic stunts, and it is later revealed that he is able to do so by using his autistic brother, whose existence is not known to the world. In walks Katrina Kaif, who wants a job in the circus as an acrobat. Both the brothers fall for her. Sahir robs various branches of the bank that refused to help his father (as a result of which the father commits suicide). They are chased by Jay Dixit (Abhishek Bachchan), and to escape from him, they eventually jump off a dam together, holding hands.

Aamir shines as the autistic brother, playing the role effortlessly. He also puts in a marvelous performance as the normal, protective brother. All in all, a very entertaining movie.

  • 3 Idiots

This was a movie that created records, before they were broken by yet another Aamir Khan movie! Based on a book written by Chetan Bhagat, it details the story of three friends who study in an engineering college. Rancho (Aamir Khan) wants to change the education system; he prefers laying emphasis on understanding the subject, rather than learning by rote. He meets with resistance from the head of the institute, as well as a fellow student who wants to stand ahead merely on the strength of memorizing books. So entertaining and convincing was Aamir’s performance as Rancho (who is actually Phunsukh Wangdo), that it ushered a revolution of sorts among educational institutions. 3 idiots was the first Bollywood movie to cross Rs 200 crore.

  • PK

PK created history by becoming the first Bollywood movie to cross Rs 300 crore. It reached the magic figure within just 17 days of its release. Aamir gets to portray an alien, who loses his remote control while on a research mission on Earth. As a result, he is stranded on the planet. He meets Jaggu (Anushka Sharma), who is a TV journalist. He tells her his story, and she tries to help him find his remote. He eventually learns that his remote has been stolen by a fake ‘godman’. With the help of Jaggu, and her senior colleague, he eventually gets the remote and heads back to his planet, but not before falling in love with her.

The film questioned religious dogmas beliefs, unnecessary rituals, and superstitions. It conveyed the message that fake ‘godmen’ are ruining the country. The movie will forever be remembered for Aamir’s unblinking alien look, his ears that stick out, and the terrific performance he put in the film.


  • Dangal

This sports film has overshadowed just about every record held by Indian films. It details the true story of wrestler Mahavir Phogat, and his attempts to make his daughters, Geeta Phogat and Babita Phogat, international wrestlers. The film is a worldwide hit, and has entered the club of 30 top-grossing films worldwide.

We wait for more from Aamir.


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