Five memorable performances of Alia Bhatt!

Alia Bhatt is only 24 years old, but her performances would make you believe she is much older. It is not easy to put in such awesome performances at such a young age, but Alia seems to manage effortlessly. Something to do with her illustrious father? Or talented sister? Maybe, it is just her.

Take a look at some of her memorable performances.


Imtiaz Ali’s Highway happened to Alia very early in her career. It set the stage for her to unleash her potential. Alia was simply marvellous in movie, which is freedom, dreams, bondage, parenting and coming-of-age. The screen persona fit Alia so well, partly because she is was so young when she took on the role and it was easy for her to define with the character. In the movie, she is a high society Delhi girl, out on the road. She is vulnerable and raw, as well as strong and independent.

Dear Zindagi

Alia plays Kaira in Dear Zindagi. Kiara is a young urban girl who is facing several problems. She is looking for love, yet is afraid of committing. She falls for a guy who rebuffs her. Kaira has had a difficult childhood, with ugly family secrets. She meets Dr Jehangir Khan (Shah Rukh Khan), a shrink, for her insomnia. Soon, sparks start flying. However, she falls for yet another guy, but that relationship ends as well. Finally, we get to know that she resents her parents for having abandoned her at her grandparents’ house. With the help of Dr Khan, she learns to move on in life and focus on her career as a filmmaker. Alia’s portrayal of Kaira won her all-round praise.

Udta Punjab

This was a controversial film that had drug abuse as its central theme. It showcased brilliant performances put in by Shahid Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Diljit Dosanjh, and, of course, Alia Bhatt. The way Alia picked up the Bihari accent in the movie was amazing. She plays a migrant who works on a farm where she finds a bag of heroin. She tries to sell it, but, in the process, she gets sucked into a vicious cycle of drugs and violence and rape. Her portrayal of a migrant worker who dreams of playing hockey at the national level made her one of the highlights of the film.

Kapoor & Sons

Alia’s character in this film has had a troubled childhood. She lost her parents when she was young and now lives alone. She meets one of the Kapoor brothers and is attracted to him. But then, in walks another Kapoor brother and sparks begin to fly between them. Though the film had more to do with the Kapoors, Alia caught everybody’s eye with her unaffected performance.


Though this movie failed to impress, Alia Bhatt was the highlight. The scenes in which she shares father-daughter moments with Pankaj Kapoor were memorable. Critics may not have liked this movie, but they definitely liked Alia Bhatt.


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