Five must-watch Bollywood thrillers

Most Bollywood movies revolve around the theme of romance, or love triangles or revenge. However, there are quite a few suspense thrillers and murder mysteries that did very well at the box office, and are an absolute delight to watch.

Here’s a list of five Bollywood thrillers that you must see.

  • Talaash: The Answer Lies Within

Talaash will remain as one of the best-ever thrillers made in Bollywood for a long, long time. This Aamir Khan-starrer was directed by Reema Kagti, and also starred Raani Mukherjee and Kareena Kapoor in the lead roles. The movie opens with a dramatic accident on a road by the sea in Mumbai. Aamir plays the role of Inspector Shekhawat, who has to solve the mystery of the very strange accident. He comes across Rosie (Kareena Kapoor), a call girl, who gives him valuable tips about the incident. The plot is gripping and the supernatural element made it even more absorbing. The end is as dramatic as the beginning. A must-see.

  • Manorama Six Feet Under

This was a murder mystery starring Abhay Deol, Gul anag and Raima Sen. It was co-written and directed by Navdeep Singh. It was about a small-time detective from a small town in Rajasthan who find himself in the middle of a case revolving around the murder of Manorama. It was a brilliant movie, with excellent performances, but, somehow, did not get its due. Watch it to find out for yourself.

  • Gupt: The Hidden Truth

Directed by Rajiv Rai, Gupt was a suspense thriller and murder mystery starring Bobby Deol, Manisha Koirala and Kajol. Paresh Rawal, Raj Babbar and Om Puri played supporting roles. The movie revolves around Saahil Sinha (Bobby Deol), who is framed for the murder of his step-father, played by Raj Babbar. With exciting performances and a strong storyline, the movie threw up several surprises. Go and watch it. You won’t be disappointed.

  • Khiladi

This Abbas Mastaan movie was a career-defining movie for Akshay Kumar, who played the lead role in the movie. The story revolved around four friends who play a prank on the father of one of the friends, mock kidnapping her. But she is killed, and the remaining friends have to deal with that nightmare. The tight storyline, the great performances and the sudden and totally unexpected murder of one of the friends made it a very gripping movie that had a very surprising ending. It is still remembered as a landmark suspense movie.

  • 100 Days

Directed by Partho Ghosh, this was a psychological thriller, laced with clairvoyance and ESP. Devi (Madhuri Dixit) is able to see the future, but not very clearly. She sees bits and snatches of things that have yet to happen. She is able to predict the murder of her sister, Rama (Moon Moon Sen), and then has to find out who the killer is. She falls in love with Jackie Shroff, and together they go about looking for the killer.

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