Halle Berry was in Mumbai – and no one knew!

Did you know that Bond girl and Oscar-winning Hollywood actress Halle Berry was in India recently? To be more specific, she was in Mumbai. And here’s the most surprising bit about her visit – nobody knew she was here!

Well, at least the Indian media didn’t. We did not see any coverage of her visit on TV or in the papers. So, it must have been a private visit that was kept under wraps. Whoever was in charge of keeping it a secret seems to have done a remarkably good job!

Berry posted pictures of her Mumbai visit on Instagram, which is how people came to know she was in India. She also posted a video with Indian actress Dia Mirza. (So, at least someone knew she was here!)

Incidentally, Halle Berry is the first African-American woman to have won an Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in Monster’s Ball, the film that was released in 2001.

In her interviews, Berry has expressed her admiration for India and Indian culture, proclaiming that she would like to explore it further.

As for her India connection, she had worn a saree, coloured her hands with mehndi, and worn Indian bangles in her film Cloud Atlas (co-starring Tom Hanks).

Halle Berry in Cloud Atlas

Berry was last seen in Matthew Vaughn’s Kingsman: The Golden Circle alongside Colin Firth.


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