Kangana Ranaut AIB song: yes I have a vagina rey, is all you need to hear it right now

Kangana Ranaut is ensuring you won’t be able to ignore her and that too in the most entertaining manner.

Kangana Ranaut satirizes Bollywood and its treatment of female stars in a new collaboration with comedy collective All India Bakchod or AIB, the latest in her series of promotions for new film Simran.

She teamed up with AIB to come up with a hilarious video titled, ‘The Bollywood Diva Song,’ and with it shattered every stereotype that has ever been attached to the Bollywood diva.

Right in the beginning, when Priya wants to question the director about the irrational lines she has, she needs to introduce herself. She says, “the actress, female lead” but the director only gets it when she says “love interest” because in Bollywood this is the one “jo hero ke Saath rehti hai”.

The hero, obviously, is treated like God. From his suggestions on the script to the choice of heroines, whatever the hero says is gospel.

Too bad, Priya. But then, it’s actually Kangana Ranaut waiting to film the dance scene and nobody puts the poster girl of plain-speak in the corner. She delivers a hilariously customised rendition of Chittiyan Kalaiyan, the refrain to which goes “Coz I have a vagina rey.”

The song is a dig at the double standards when it comes to actresses as opposed to the actors. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the song and you will finally know as to why we are going gaga over it already…

The video also takes on token feminism – while the heroes still take a higher pay cheque, heroines are privileged to have their names appear before him on the credit roll. That is till the “love interest” falls off the grace and is replaced in the film.

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