Meet Muhammad Ali’s grandson – he’s a model

Late boxing legend Muhammad Ali has left behind quite a legacy.

His beloved grandson, 19-year-old Biaggio Ali Walsh, is making a name for himself in a very different field. Biaggio has been recruited as a fresh face by Wilhelmina Models, the famous modeling and talent hunting agency, and he has already posed for top glossies such as Vogue Italia.

At 5’10”, he stands a bit shorter than his heavyweight grandfather, but he is all set to make waves. His masculine good looks have already earned him a huge fan following.

The college freshman is also a promising athlete and footballer, playing for the University of California.

Biaggio is the son of Ali’s daughter, Rasheda Ali Walsh, and Bob Walsh.  

Growing up in Las Vegas, Biaggio and his boxer brother, Nico, spent a lot of time with their famous grandfather. Biaggio gave boxing a shot for a while, but did not quite take to it. Instead, he opted for football.

Incidentally, Biaggio has two tattoos that are dedicated to his grandfather. He has a butterfly on his left arm and a bee on his right arm, encapsulating Ali’s famous phrase, “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.”

So, will Biaggio pursue football or modeling? Time will tell. Meanwhile, the young man enjoys his college years.


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