Pari Teaser out: Anushka Sharma’s movie will leave you horrified

Anushka Sharma’s frightening Pari teaser – released today – has spooked everyone who’s seen it, and the one-minute long clip is every bit horrifying. While we had already seen Anushka in the bruised and battered form before in the previously released screamer and posters, the new teaser gives viewers a full-blown view into Anushka’s unsettling avatar.

Anushka appears to be possessed by a demon, who has “come out to play.” Actors Parambrata Chatterjee, Ritabhari Chakraborty and Rajat Kapoor also make an appearance in the teaser. Parambrata’s character wants Anushka out of his house – but it won’t be easy. All things are topsy-turvy

The twist in the teaser comes towards its ends when Anushka wakes up with a jerk and goes to investigate a noise. She drags her chains as she walks and comes across a bloodied version of herself who is drinking a liquid — which looks nothing like milk — from a baby’s feeding bottle.

Well everyone who has seen the teaser is much horrified even Ranveer Singh reply shows us that,  We can tell you what Ranveer’s was – he freaked out and went ‘Aree BAAAAAP re,’ with a spooky emoticon. He’s all of us, watching the creepy teaser with hands over eyes. Yes, we to were sacred

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