Patel ki Punjabi Shaadi is a one watch film to entertain your mood

A loud, brash wedding party, this one is tiresome and irritating too. Hasmukh Patel (Paresh Rawal), a conservative Gujarati shopkeeper dislikes alcohol, non-veg food, and brash Punjabis. His new neighbour, Guggi Tandon (Rishi Kapoor), is all of those and more. Tandon loves chicken lollipop, whiskey and opens a garage right in front of Patel’s shop. But that’s not really the problem here. Tandon’s son Monty (Vir Das) falls in love with Patel’s daughter Pooja (Payal Ghosh) and their antagonism towards each other takes on incredible proportions.

Warring neighbors as a plot is not an uncommon thing in Bollywood films. It’s an age-old trope, yet it has given us fun films that we watch and enjoy till today. ‘Patel Ki Punjabi Shaadi’ tries to work on those lines but does not succeed.

On paper, there’s little not to like in the film. With Rishi Kapoor as the brash but loveable used car dealer, Prem Chopra as his whiskey guzzling dad with a roving eye and Paresh Rawal as the super conservative Gujarati shopkeeper; the movie has a strong cast of characters. But when it comes to execution, ‘PKPS’ doesn’t quite add up. With a choppy edit, over the top performances by all and an overkill of hate on Paresh Rawal’s part, it resembles a TV show more than a film. t relies heavily on stereotypes for its humour, which is understandable given the film’s title, but even that falls flat.

The rivalry between the two families appears forced and the contretemps thereof merely assumes contrivance. You never really believe in the ugly one-upmanship that is put out on display here. Even the songs or laden performances don’t improve the flagging tempo of bigoted egos and pride taking a deep-dive. The chemistry between the two enemies seems watered down and the climax is formulaic and guessable.

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