Single or mingle… 5 reasons to watch Qarib Qarib singlle

Taking into the new age romantic relationships, film Qarib Qarib single is finally released. Whether you are single or mingle or loves to travel then this is the movie for you.Tanuja Chandra directorial, starring Irrfan Khan and Parvathy, is a departure from the usual fairy tale romance and puts forth that not every story has to have a perfect ending.

Irrfan Khan

With films like The Lunchbox, Hindi Medium, and Piku among others to his name, Irrfan Khan has slowly made his name in the Bollywood in the past few years. the first and foremost reason to watch Qarib Qarib Single would definitely be Irrfan himself. Playing Yogi, a quirky, happy-go-lucky man who takes his date on a trip down memory lane, Irrfan looks convincing in the lead role.


Alongside Irrfan is Malayalam actor Parvathy who is making her Bollywood debut with Qarib Qarib Single. Well known for her performance in films such as Notebook, Prithvi, City of God, Maryan and Bangalore Days among others, Parvathy plays the role of Jayashree. And going by the trailer and the songs looks like Parvathy will do full justice to her fussy, ‘action’-hungry character.

Not a boring love story

This may be the first romantic comedy that Irrfan is headlining, in the sense that he is playing the full-fledged hero here. But Qarib Qarib Singlle has so far promised to be a relatable yet an atypical romantic tale, even though the characters have an old-world charm to them. This slice-of-life film starts with Yogi meeting Jayashree on the net. Hilarity ensues when they retrace their past by meeting Yogi’s ex-lovers on the road.

Adventure and fun

Qarib Qarib Singlle also joins the coveted list of road movies. And with the beautiful shots from Rishikesh, Bikaner, and Gangtok, we are sure this is going to be one aesthetic watch as well.

Cuz of the Director

Tanuja Chandra has not just directed films like Sangharsh and Dushman but she has also written the screenplay for Yash Chopra’s 1997 Dil Toh Pagal Hai. With Qarib Qarib Singlle, Tanuja is trying something new, as Irrfan has also pointed out in his interviews. Will it be able to win the hearts of the audience? We will find out on November 10.

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