Taimur Ali Khan will melt your heart

Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan’s baby, Taimur Ali Khan, must be the most photographed baby in India – the media just can’t get enough of him. He’s literally everywhere. And nobody is complaining.

Yes, little Taimur is cute as buttons. His plump, happy face brings a smile to everybody’s lips. In fact, he is a star all by himself, and the sweetheart of Bollywood. Apparently, he’s the centre of attraction, wherever he’s taken by his doting parents.

Fortunately, Kareena and Saif do not try to keep him away from the media, and that makes it easy for people to swoon over him.  

Saif says that Taimur has always been camera-friendly right from the day he was born. He adds that if you point a camera at Taimur, he will look right back at you. Well, it looks like the little one knows how cute and adorable he is!

Incidentally, Saif, Kareena and Taimur rang in the New Year in Switzerland. Pictures of an excited Taimur, experiencing snow for the first time, surfaced all over the Internet.

On the work front, Kareena has been keeping busy. However, she does not miss a single chance to spend time with Taimur. From taking him to sets to fun family vacations, Taimur gets to be with his mother all the time.

We hope to see more of Taimur in the days to come.




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