Wait what ??? Kapil Sharma and Ginni chatrath are not in a relationship anymore

When with an ugly fight with Sunil Grover on a flight back from Australia. Not only has his health been affected, but his life has also turned upside down. The host of Kapil Sharma Show may have taken a break from the show, shifted to an Ayurvedic facility to get fit and telling anyone who will listen that he didn’t keep Shah Rukh Khan waiting but to no avail.

one thing everyone was looking forward to was Kapil’s marriage. After his fall out with Sunil, he had shared a picture of his girlfriend – Ginni Chatrath and mentioned how they plan to get married by the end of this year. Yet on this Thursday brought about yet another controversy reports said that Kapil has ended his relationship with his girlfriend of many years, Ginni Chatrath.

According to a report in DNA, someone from team Kapil isn’t happy about his relationship with Ginni. She is apparently a ‘victim of unrequited love for Kapil for years’.

Kapil’s relationship with his girlfriend Ginni Chatrath is over and their proposed marriage at the end of the year stands canceled.although the name of the member has not been mentioned

Acc to the reports “This team member has been working against Kapil’s interests all the time. But he refuses to hear a word against her. He is so emotional that he won’t accept that someone so close to him can betray him and work against his interests. When rumors linking Kapil to this team member — spread by the team member herself – gathered momentum, Kapil thwarted those rumors by announcing his marriage plans with Ginny. Now even that is off. This team member makes sure to isolate Kapil and everyone who comes close to him”

The Kapil Sharma Show’ is temporarily off air and we hope his upcoming film gets a good luck.


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