19 Oriental Avenue


Shangri-La Hotel’s speciality restaurant, 19 Oriental Avenue offers The All New Dim Sum Brunch on saturdays.


I spent my saturday afternoon relishing an exquisite selection of steaming dim sums along with mocktails at 19 Oriental Avenue .


Vegetarian Dimsums comprised of Spinach, Mushroom and Corn, Cottage Cheese with Pok Choi, Spicy Radish Glass Noodle, Assorted Asian vegetable with Sichuan Chili, Water Chestnut with Lotus Stem, Baby Corn with Asparagus Thai Chili Paste, Assorted Fresh Mushroom with Spring Onion, Morinaga Tofu with Fresh Chives.


Non-vegetarian Dimsum comprised of Snapper Suimai Tobikeo, River Sole with Bonito Flakes, Tiger Prawns with Kafir Lime Leaf, Chicken and Shitake with Chives, Traditional Har Gow, Traditional Suimai with Pork, Prawns and Tobikeo, Sichuan Chicken with Spring Onions, Pounded Chicken with Red Curry Paste, Minced Pork with Leeks, Pounded Lamb with Chinese Seven Spices, Minced Lamb with Black Pepper, Minced Tenderloin with Togarashi, Pork Loin, Bamboo Shoots and Coriander Roots.


19 Oriental Avenue also offer a delectable selection of Bao’s in the DimSum Brunch such as Shimeji with Corn Bao, Pan Fried Vegetable Bao, Enoki with Spinach Bao and Barbeque Pork Bao.

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