Bulldogs Lounge

Last sunday I went to checkout the newly opened Bulldogs Lounge in Hauz Khaas Village.

The three storied restaurant has beautiful ambience, with the bed lounge on the second floor and the terrace lounge on the third floor.

So one can choose to sit where ever one feels comfortable. I went upto the terrace and had my meal in the open. 

I started with the mushroom soup. Later i ordered the mouthwatering lemon and butter fish. 

For main course i had the luscious stuffed chicken breast. Along with that i had the regular mojito.

I had the most amazing chocolate cake and ice cream in hot chocolate sauce for deserts.

Bulldogs surely made my day worthwhile by offering the perfect food and unique ambience

                               ,                                                                                                   ……..XoXo Sasha

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