King of the Hill: Pahadi House, a Himalayan Home Stay


When wanderlust needs to be nurtured the best way to do it is through visiting an unchartered territory. The great ones are the ones that gets you itching to pack a bag and head out into the world where things still functioning the old traditional way. What adds to our convenience is when the destination is not far off and reaching it does not bring hectic frowns on our faces. 

Pahadi House, a concept of unique rural getaway was brought to life by a team of responsible individuals who could not live with the fact that why after everything in abundance from nature, people of Kanatal in Uttarakhand were moving out of their hometown to seek for something their land holds. The concept was born to give a hope and boon to these people. As you walk past the beaten path of Kanatal, Pahadi House offers the rural home-stays and let us discover the rural and vibrant culture of North India’s villages and one can indulge in local cuisines, rejuvenate one’s spirit with the region’s folk music & dances, discuss local stories around a bonfire, and explore the organically grown vegetation with the natives. 

For people who love getting away from the cities and unwind amid nature with a safe & comfortable environment, Pahadi House offers beautifully built elite cottages in the lapse of mountains for tourist to come and stay. This not only promotes the local tourism, but also helps in generating the revenue that the visits generate to help support and sustain the local communities, their heritage, culture, traditions and art forms. It takes the detachment away from tourism, and gives you a unique and unforgettable experience of the intricacies of Indian life and culture. 

Nestled in the arms of the hills and valleys of Kanatal, Pahadi House is an eco-friendly resort and homestay. A series of yellow painted cottages lie nestled together in Uttarakhand. These cottages, repurposed houses of villagers who have moved on, are the delightful grounds of the home stay Pahadi House. 

A peaceful, eco-friendly space, the Pahadi House property seems a perfect location to revitalise ones emotional and spiritual health, away from the bedlam of the city. Their cosy Deluxe Cottages have a kitchen and Wi-Fi for personal use and, happily, wheelchair access. Drop out of your daily stress and tune into a holistic experience with their activities. You can take village walks, join in meditation and yoga, take picnics in the forest or take part in their organic farming and cooking. Beyond this you can enjoy the typical hill station activities of star gazing, photography, bird watching and hikes and treks. 

With the successful functioning of the Pahadi house in Kanatal with best hospitality, the team now wants to create more of Pahadi houses in the foothills of Himalayas to diversify the cultural tourism and allow travellers within all of us to settle and refresh. The contribution made will generate employment and help locals sustain themselves and promote the natural beauty and add feathers to the state tourism all across the globe with unique home stays. 

Desiredwings wishes to promote Kanatal as an amazing tourist place in order to uplift the living standards of inhabitants of Kanatal, generate employment and create awareness about healthy travels and protect the extremely rich and precious culture of India getting diminished.

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