Radisson Blu MBD Noida Re-launches S18 to SXVIII All Day Brasserie

Radisson Blu MBD Hotel, Noida in the heart of NCR has been established as the finest and the most revered hospitality benchmark for anyone travelling for business and pleasure where traditional meets the innovative, classical meets the contemporary. 


Now MBD Group has transformed the hotel into an ultra-luxurious destination. The re-designing exercise is truly comprehensive with astounding detailing right from the lobby to the adjoining restaurant and aiming to provide unprecedented level of luxury and hospitality experience. Luxurious care awaits you at Radisson Blu MBD Hotel, Noida which has created an altogether new destination of super luxury in Noida, resplendent with all that you need.


The hotel has re-launched its erstwhile S18 , award winning All day dinning restaurant of the hotel into an All Day Brasserie, SXVIII into an unparrelled neo classical and luxurious avatar for dinners with precision in culinary and service. Likewise, to showcase old world charm, restaurant logo has been transformed too making it a timeless rendition.


A beacon of culinary experiences captured in moments that last long after they are over. Guests can choose from myriad dining options in the recrafted SXVIII, the All Day Brasserie. With an extensive array of delectable eastern and western cuisines, all new high-end SXVIII presents a delicious medley of food in a lavish and refined composition. It features an open kitchen set-up, which connects it with the dining area. It also presents newly created, opulently charming Conservatory accented by glass walls, having stunning panoramic view of the breathtaking natural terrain throughout the day.

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