Simply Fondue


US based concept dining restaurant Simply Fondue branches out internationally with their first overseas establishment at Nehru Place, New Delhi.


The contemporary restaurant space is designed keeping in mind their commitment to deliver an engaging and personalized dining experience. To ensure that you are part of the experience and not just an observer; a fondue is not just served, but is created and brought to life on the burners installed on each table-top.


I and my friend started my meal with a steaming hot vegetable fondue. It comprised of grilled vegetables dipped in delicious cheese. Along with the fondue, we ordered the tempting Mushroom Tarragon.


We had chocolate fondue for dessert. It comprised of fruits dipped in hot chocolate. By Sasha Madan


How to Reach: Ph: 011 3290 6629 , 43 Chiranjiv Tower, Nehru Place, Delhi NCR, 110019

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