The Sinner Valentine at The Bikers Cafe, Gurgaon

The Sinner Valentine, Romantic Comedy Theatre at The Bikers Cafe, Gurgaon. A theatre performance would be a different go for this valentines .The gig shall be a satirical take on the concept of love, relationships and romance. The sketches shall be a mixture of Theatrical arts, stand up comedy and improvised comedy. A never before seen comedy evening at The Biker's Cafe, Gurgaon with the combination of theatre, stand up and improvised comedy. 

Performed by actors from Blue Phoenix and Leap of Faith Productions, with standup act by Rahul Dua from Null Hypothesis. Enough of candle light dinners, romantic getaways, long drives and “Netflix and Chill”.

These are the various play for the special occasion. 

1. Elementary Dating – In this act, the commentator gives detailed instructions of how an ideal date should be from a guy's perspective. The do's and don'ts . The tone of his voice is dead pan. On the other side, two actors (a male and a female) give a demonstration of what is being said without any dialogues. Comedy shall arises from the total discord between what is being said and performed. 

2. The Idiot Box – In this act, all 5 actors will perform. Audience suggestions will be taken for 5 different TV channel genres such as sports, news, spiritual etc. for 5 different actors. A situation has to be enacted (revolving around the theme of the day.). 2 actors start the act while every time the host can call out “CHANGE”, one of the 3 actors outside can replace anyone actor and the genre of the whole acts changes. 

3. The Unvalentined – In this act, the audience will be asked to name a romantic movie on popular demand and the movie shall be re-enacted within 60 seconds. Once it is enacted from start to finish, the host will ask the actors to repeat the whole process at twice the speed. This shall be repeated till 3x speed. More than one repetition of this act shall be played. 

4. World's Worst (Stock Act) – In this act, 5 actors align in a line and a topic (related to the theme of the day.) is asked as a suggestion from the audience. Example, “World's worst boyfriend”. Each actor takes a step forward and in a line/depiction he or she has to show what kind of things a world's worst boyfriend can do.


Title: The Sinner Valentine 

Date: 13th February

 Venue: The Bikers Café- Emaar MGF Palm Springs Plaza, PSP-12 Golf Course Road, Sector 54, Gurgaon 122009 

Timings: 7pm onward Entry : INR 1000 onward.

 For Bookings call:: +91 9910166641

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