Running or swimming? Find out which is better for you

Want to burn calories? Go for running and swimming. Swimming will burn your calories faster, as it involves using the entire body. Running involves the core and lower body alone, but it is easier to do and continue doing. Running is the most preferred mode of exercise because all you need is the right running gear and somewhere to run. Swimming requires a pool, training, hygiene (you don’t want to swim in a pool infested with bacteria and pathogens!).

Benefits of running

More and more people are taking up running as a lifestyle activity. Listed below are some benefits of this exercise form:

  • Good for cardiovascular system
  • Good for boosting immunity
  • Good for knee joints and the overall musculoskeletal system
  • Good for preventing onset of chronic diseases
  • Great for strengthening the core
  • Great for toning the body
  • Great for increasing longevity
  • Great for boosting memory
  • Great for improving coordination
  • Great for making the mind sharper

Benefits of swimming

Swimming is a high-intensity exercise that makes you use your entire body, thus burning those calories much faster. Ever seen a weighty swimmer? Of course you haven’t. Learn about the other benefits of swimming.

  • Good for improving flexibility of muscles and joints
  • Good for saying bye bye to overall stiffness
  • Good for improving blood circulation
  • Good for rejuvenating the body
  • Great for building endurance and muscle strength
  • Great for improving balance and coordination
  • Great for boosting cardiac output
  • Super great for strengthening the heart

So, should you swim or run?

You get a full body workout when you swim. Your core muscles, hamstrings, calves and quadriceps are put to full use. Besides, it is easier on your joints than running. Swimming is a low-impact exercise and is great for people with joint issues.

You can burn 350 calories by swimming with vigour for 30 minutes. It takes more physical effort to swim two miles than to run two miles.

The best thing to do is to swim as well as run. But if you have to chose, then swimming is definitely better. However, runners do not need to get disappointed. Running too is great for your body.

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