There’s hardly a girl who does not wear earrings. Actually, not just girls, right from babies to grannies, just about every female sports them. They class up your face and give you a very feminine look. However, you should know how to choose the right type of earrings for your face and body. Do not

Come winter, and stylish clothes come out of the closets. The drop in temperatures makes it easy to dress up in all kinds of outfits. And teaming them with chic boots doubles the fun. Boots can jazz up several outfits – dresses, skirts, jeans. There is a boot for every mood. From booties and studded

If you are wondering like majority people what are pantashoes , we too were fascinated with the term. Apparently it is a hybrid of boots and tights which was trending on social media after Sonam Kapoor wore these “pantashoes”  , a look custom made by her sister Rhea Kapoor. This new years look was launched

Yes, we know, Diwali is round the corner. We make many preparations for the grand festival, shopping for trendy dresses and jewellery and new makeup. But many people tend to ignore their footwear. If your feet are not encased in the right kind of footwear, it may spoil the entire look. You need to dress

Shoes can turn the look of your outfit to a whole new level, but carrying them on is not always that easy?  Fear of pain, ache and blisters can really turn out to be troublesome and often affect your feet too. Those fashionable heels can be a real pain, quite literally. Those cool sandals can

Who says women are the only ones that get to enjoy beautiful footwear? There is no greater joy than the feeling of slipping on a fresh pair of shoes. What I believe is a man can carry the world on his shoulders, but the shoes carry the man. That is why a proper selection of

Well, its rightly said ‘give the girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world’. Footwear is the single essential which has the power to change the look of any outfit. And selecting the right shoes for your outfit sometimes becomes confusing. Here is the list of the footwear’s which every girl should simply