10 Lifesaving shoes hacks

Shoes can turn the look of your outfit to a whole new level, but carrying them on is not always that easy?  Fear of pain, ache and blisters can really turn out to be troublesome and often affect your feet too. Those fashionable heels can be a real pain, quite literally. Those cool sandals can give you shoe-bites and blisters. Well, I have got some shoe hacks which can take all your worries away.

-Place the green tea bag inside the shoe and wait for 4-5 hours after that your shoe is left with the refreshing smell of green tea. Repeat the process if required.

-Heels make you look so sexy and gorgeous but sometimes you can’t seem to walk in the pointed high heels all the time, for that all you can do is tape 2nd 3rd toes together to avoid pain in wearing a heel.

-Having the problem of blisters? Take a little amount of baby powder on your feet and apply it gently on them, and then wear your shoes. This will ensure that your feet glide into your shoe in a perfect manner and thus reduce the chances of blisters and unwanted feet ache too.

-Do you feel very tight in your new pair of shoes? Then Stretch a pair of tight shoes by wearing thick socks and blow drying the tight area.

-Clean stains off white tennis shoes with nail polish remover, it will also remove scuffs from patent leather shoes.

-Do you feel moisture quite often in your shoes? Then Stuff newspaper into wet boots to absorb moisture quickly.

-Loosen tight shoes by placing in the freezer. Fill up two zip lock bags with water and seal them tightly. Place the bags inside tight shoes and let them sit overnight in the freezer. As the water freezes, it will slowly stretch the wall of your shoes.

-Use Baking Soda to Get Rid of Shoe Odor, Tired of the usual odor of the shoe then give it a refreshing touch with the use of baking soda. Sprinkle them on the shoes and they will get the rest done.

-Lace the Straps of Flip-Flops for more comfort. Make flip-flops comfortable with the use of a trendy lace. Tie it around the strap by amalgamating it with the flip-flops.

-Use Sand Paper to Increase Friction with the Floor. Take the sandpaper and fix them at the outer layer of your shoe. The use of this paper would improve friction between the feet and the floor and thus allow you to walk in a balanced manner.

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