Ayesha: The Mother-Daughter Duo Creation

Ayesha often accompanied her mother Jacqueline on her merchandising trips and enjoyed the process of sourcing interesting jewellery & artifacts.  In 2010 Ayesha and Jacqueline started their new brand Ayesha accessories.

Ayesha started along with her mother a fashion accessories brand called ‘ayesha’ for young women. The brand offers a range of accessories from hats, bags, flip-flops, fashion jewelry, scarves and sunglasses. Ayesha is not just the face and the ambassador of the brand, but is involved in concept, design & research. An Ayesha accessory has picked up quickly and has opened 29 exclusive stores across India already. The accessory brand has recorded fantastic sales with high footfalls. It is increasingly being viewed as a fun brand for young women with a great fashion sense. 

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