DESIGNER DIARY: Riddhika Jesrani


Born in Bombay and raised in The Sultanate of Oman, a Parsons school alumna, Riddhika Jesrani started making jewellery while working on her thesis project in 2005. Her accessories have always been a way of expressing herself. She thought of tying her jewellery with graphic design. She created her whole thesis around her jewellery. So from one pair of earrings started a whole line of accessories.“I love all sorts of jewellery from fashion accessories to the real stuff! So one day when I just couldn’t find something that fit my mood, I decided to create a pair of earrings. This in turn led me to crafting more earrings for all my friends. They all became my models.”, says Riddhika. Her improbable, dreamy colour schemes and fresh concepts have resulted in an international fan base. Her work has exploded into fashion magazines, television and movies. Her line currently retails in major cities around India and New York. Riddhika has moved back from New York and creates her smart works of art in Bombay.


The brand
The stunning and delightful pieces in the Riddhika Jesrani jewellery explode with energy, colour, enthusiasm and confidence-much like the women who are drawn to them. The Parson’s  school alumna Riddhika Jesrani’s namesake line of accessories owe some of their vibrant brilliance to the cities which have inspired her collections.


USP of the brand All Riddhika Jesrani jewellery pieces are limited in number per style and crafted with utmost care and perfection. Wearability of each piece is vast, because of the number of colours used and the uniqueness of how each piece can be worn in different ways. There is humor and fun in all Riddhika Jesrani jewellery yet they are statement pieces which can be worn to formal occasions.

Inspiration behind the brand
Having grown up in Muscat, lived in Bombay and New York, Riddhika’s design sensibilities have a mix of three very different cultures. She draws inspiration from all around herself, all the time-from people, places, animals and things. “From my mother to my friends, from a church in Prague to the Arabian sea, from Chandni Chowk to the serene beaches of Oman, from old photo albums to the latest fashion. There is beauty in everything; it’s just a matter of capturing it the right way.”, says the designer.


The latest collection

The spring summer collection 2012 is a super happy, colorful and playful collection. “I’ve merged nature, animals and humor all into this collection. They are statement pieces that are very bold and exude confidence.”, says the designer.
Product profile
Riddhika Jesrani had started off her jewellery line with just earrings, but now necklaces are the main product range. “It’s a bigger canvas to work with and they allow me to be very creative. I still make earrings and bracelets. The line is branching out to hair accessories as well.” , says Jesrani. She has recently launched the kid’s line. It’s called Little Miss Sparkles by Riddhika Jesrani Jewellery. The necklaces start at  Rs3,500-Rs25,000. Earrings start at Rs 200-Rs10,000. Bracelets range from  Rs2500-Rs7000. The kids line starts at  Rs900. The jewellery is crafted from semi-precious stones, beads carefully handpicked from bazaars, jewellers and vintage shows, wood, chandelier pieces, shell, acrylic, brass and other materials with interesting textures, shapes and colors. All products are designed and made in-house.

Target Audience

Riddhika’s clientele from the past to current hasn’t changed it has just expanded. They still have the same kind of qualities in personality-spunky, fearless, confident, fun and urbane. College girls wear it, working women who want to soup up their outfits wear it, fashion lovers wear it, celebrities wear it. It’s become more accessible but is still different.
Retail presence
The Riddhika Jesrani jewellery line retails at Bombay Electric-Mumbai, Kidville-Mumbai, White–Delhi, Bloom-Delhi, Kitsch-Calcutta, Yellow Button-Bangalore, Masala Chai-Chennai  Angela Gao-New York. “I also sell on two websites and which launched recently.”, says Riddhika


Current accessory trends
Riddhika feels as Indians, jewellery and accessories will always be part of our daily trousseau. She does’nt like to follow trends. “I design according to what I think looks and feels right.”, says Riddhika. There has also been a major shift from real jewelry to fashion accessories lately. Women have become more confident of wearing fashionable statement pieces to a wedding and don’t always go for their diamonds. “But if I have to tell you what might be big this season, it could be bracelets and fun and bright heavy necklaces.”, adds the designer.
Future plans

Riddhika plans to taker her accessory line towards the west this year. “I moved to India a year and half ago, and have been working on Riddhika Jesrani jewelry full time for about a year now. The plan was, to cater to the Indian market first, once that was covered, expand internationally. So this year will be about moving west.”, says Riddhika. Her other plan is to create a more accessible line in addition to the main collections.

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