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Hidesign has appointed Fabian Lintott as its lead designer for men’s fashion. Fabian Lintott has been an essential part of Hidesign’s international team since 2006.


What is your educational background?
Iam a design graduate from Central St. Martin’s College of Art and Design, London, which is regularly ranked as one of the world’s leading design schools. I have a 2:1 BA Hons degree in product design.

What kind of design experience do you have?
I specialize in designing bags and accessories including handbags, man bags, luggage, changing bags, specialist tech bags and most accessories. I have extensive experience. I have worked with leathers and synthetics. With experience of over 8 years I possess the right skills to take your project to a commercial reality.

What kind of services you offer?
I offer a full design service from concept to final product and can provide valueable sourcing information.

Tell us about the brand Hidesign.
Hidesign’s multi-cultural team with a presence in over 23 countries mirrors the international lifestyle of our audience. The design team at Hidesign is led by Fabian Lintott in London for men, Alberto Ciaschini in Milan for women and luxury, Parisian Di nh Thi Tien for photography, and in India, is led by Dilip Kapur out of Pondicherry.
What are the greatest strengths of Hidesign?
As premium luxury, Hidesign fulfills the lifestyle needs of its audience globally, at work and at leisure. One of Hidesign’s greatest strengths and key values has always been its belief that it represents an international lifestyle that is cosmopolitan, widely traveled and driven by professional success. The top management is fervent about building the brand in luxury, given the potential and commitment of using the highest quality materials, and Hidesign’s recognized excellence in handcrafting.

What is your role at Hidesign? What change have you brought to Hidesign?

As the lead international designer of Hidesign for men, it is my duty to bring great innovative talent and experience to the team.

I have brought to Hidesign the British quality of quirky innovativeness in modern, urban lifestyle. I have identified myself as part of the contemporary design movement that has seen many British designers become the creative heads of several top luxury houses.

What is the present situation in the men’s accessory market?

Fabian believes that the leathers of Hidesign elevate the humble bag into a thing of true beauty that is unique to the traditional techniques used in its making. There is now a huge growth in the men’s accessory market over the last few years. Men have woken up to accessories and to more adventurous use of colour. I have brought to Hidesign family my off the cuff tastes liberally peppered with British humour, adding attractive little details to his design, which personalize every single range.


Hidesign Collection

What is the latest collection about?

The themes for the new collection fall around 1940’s undertone and there is a nod to the great explorers of old. There are beautiful satchel styles twined with rugged leathers and classic briefcases with interesting textures mixing printed faux Croco with classic leathers.

What is the importance of men’s fashion at Hidesign?

Men’s fashion has always been important to Hidesign.

Hidesign has always been driven by the passion to do what the audience love, and this sparks my interest to resurface men’s fashion at Hidesign.

Keeping in line with international trends, Hidesign has seen an increasing growth rate of fashion consciousness among men. Fashion accessories play a major role in men’s fashion at Hidesign.

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