Here’s a boot guide to see you through winter

Come winter, and stylish clothes come out of the closets. The drop in temperatures makes it easy to dress up in all kinds of outfits. And teaming them with chic boots doubles the fun.

Boots can jazz up several outfits – dresses, skirts, jeans. There is a boot for every mood. From booties and studded ankle boots to over the knee and tall boots, here’s a boot guide that will see you through winter.


Booties are very versatile; in fact, they are a winter wardrobe essential. You can pair them with skinny jeans and look quite dressy. While black and brown are the classic colours, you can experiment with other colours as well.

Tall boots

Tall boots can dramatize any look. They work well with skirts and jeans. You can wear them to office, and you can flaunt them when out on a date.

Ankle boots

Ankle boots go with anything. Literally. You can wear them with jeans for maximum impact. And here’s a tip – don’t always tuck your jeans into the shoes. You can roll up the jeans to end just above the boots.

Boots above the knees

These are ideal for winters as they cover the legs all the way up. They also give you a deadly look! Wear them with jeans and skirts for best results. They are great when you are on the go.

Sneaker boots

Sneaker boots are comfortable and outdoorsy. They look good when you pair them with long skirts and trousers. Go for colours that match your outfit.


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