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Recruiting, managing and retaining employees is no easy task. Sasha Madan talks to HR Managers and Marketing Heads of some renowned footwear brands about the HR initiatives taken by them

Rosso Brunello


From where does the company recruit its employees?

Amol Dhillon, Vice President Strategy & Planning Woodland-Our talent pool comes from diverse sources-job portals, employee references, consultants, in store posters and  print advertisements.

Sahil Malik, Managing Director Rosso Brunello-We take assistance from job portals, head hunting firms and employee referrals.

Charu Arora, HR Manager G Plus We recruit through recruitment agencies,references, employee referrals and social networking sites

What  kind of training is provided to the staff?
Amol Dhillon, Vice President Strategy & Planning Woodland-We help understand the core values and philosophy of the brand which will guide and help employees understand the brand’s DNA. Every employee is our brand ambassador to the outside world, so the induction training is the first important step. Every article that we have is different and is manufactured in eco friendly processes. We are an adventure brand and every article has its own USP. Each employee goes through rigorous soft skill, communication, sales and product training so that they are able to convey the USP of the products to the customer in an efficient manner. Additionally, a product manual is prepared and given to each employee for reference. The same is constantly updated with new products. We at Woodland encourage a work culture that fosters eco-consciousness and employee level participation across levels. Our employees are also trained on the job in issues of social responsibility. As an organization, we focus our efforts by:


Monitoring: Assess, promote and assist the factories in improving their working environment.
Environment: Communicate, educate and motivate employees and partners to seize opportunities to reduce environmental impact.

Our focus has never been on expansion, it has always been on customer satisfaction. If we are able to educate our employees well, we will be able to convey the messaging well.

Sahil Malik, Managing Director Rosso Brunello-Being in the retail industry for years now, we believe in giving the ‘Best Customer Service’ to our clients and we train our staff for the same.

Charu Arora HR Manager G Plus-We provide product and brand trainingvisual merchandise, sales techniques and soft skill training


What incentives are the employees given?

Amol Dhillon, Vice President-Strategy & Planning, Woodland-We give business and sale target achievements according to the category of shop and level of employee.

Sahil Malik, Managing Director Rosso Brunello-We provide both monetary and non-monetary incentives to our employees as per the level of hierarchy and tax norms

 Charu Arora, HR Manager G Plus-There are various incentive plan for the sales staff like monetary sales  incentives based on the sales done in the month and non-monetary incentives i.e. gifts, shopping vouchers etc.


What activities do you have for the recreation of employees?

Amol Dhillon, Vice President-Strategy & Planning Woodland-At Woodland we have always supported and encouraged adventure and environment activities, we also send our employees for various adventure camps. We persistently organize such events where our employees enthusiastically participate, we also have Woodland Adventure Club and have tied up with some of the leading adventure tour providers in the world where we indulge in activities like river rafting, trekking, wild life safaries, cycling and rappelling, jeep safaries, horse safaries, fishing, skiing. These activities take place across campsites like Camp Panther, Shivpuri, Rishikesh Uttarakhand, Leopard Beach Tented Camp, Himalayan Bear Stream Camp, Pauri Garhwal, Camp Tusker, Haridwar, Camp Blue Bull, Orchha and Madhya Pradesh.

Sahil Malik, Managing Director Rosso Brunello-We organise holiday tour for office group/team every year. This gives the team a chance to unwind and build a stronger bond. Also, we give birthday offs and provide many such occasions for entertainment and amusement.

Charu Arora, HR Manager G Plus-We have team building exercisestheme dressing, and  performer of the month schemes


What kind of appraisal programmes does it offer?

Amol Dhillon, Vice President-Strategy & Planning Woodland-Appraisals take place once a year based on the employees performance. We reward the most deserving employees

 Sahil Malik, Managing Director Rosso Brunello-We offer half yearly appraisal.

Charu Arora,  HR Manager G Plus-We follow a systematic early evaluation program to understand the abilities of an employee for further growth and development. The appraisal technique being used is Management by Objectives (MBO).

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