Mango Pickles Sunglasses in India


Summer this year sees some wild and quirk as Mango Pickles ( introduces fun eyewear looking to revolutionise the fashion industry and your sunglass experience. With exclusive designs from London, and an identity that is Indian at heart, the brand is perfect for style explorers looking to push boundaries of style, freedom and spirit.


Founder Jatiin’s tryst with fashion began in 2002 when he was in the United States to study business. What started as a side hobby to sell fashion accessories to friends to pay expenses, soon turned into a multi-million dollar passion when he returned to India. However, with Mango Pickles he feels he has identified a gap in the market for high quality su


nglasses with international designs that are at the same time affordable and classic. “Mango Pickles is not a fixed idea, but is based on an understanding of consumer needs, wants and desires. It is a philosophy leading to fun as a lifestyle“, says Jatiin Khurana, founder of Mango Pickles.



With a business strategy focused on fast fashion, Mango Pickles releases new models of premium quality sunglasses per week that are designed in London and all lenses have high quality UV 400 protection. The brand’s signature is dramatic and trendy pairs and with ten new styles being released every week, they have sunglasses to suit every unpredictable and changing mood. Their collections range from classic aviators and cat eyes to big frames, retros, and round frames. However the soul of every pair at Mango Pickles is the same – spirited, unpredictable, and experimental – just as you. Care is taken to ensure there is a hint of wild, a dash of carefree and a whole lot of fun in every Mango Pickle experience.

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