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Footwear is an important part of fashion. They say clothes make a man, but one must remember that clothing is incomplete without proper footwear. The increasing demand for footwear all over the world has led the designing industry to build a strong foundation. A booming industry, footwear designing is now coming up as one of the leading career options. Sasha Madan speaks to Bhuvnesh Bansal, Designer (PDC) Footwear Design & Development Institute (F.D.D.I) about the scope of footwear designing as a career in India

What is the nature of work involved in footwear designing?

Footwear designing is a demanding and competitive profession. Candidates have a choice to show their creative talent in the field of footwear designing. To produce high quality product, candidates can use their ideas by doing research or be given a brief to follow by the head of the design department. If the company is recognized for a particular style of shoe, candidates may alter existing designs. Work on a design will be finished when it has been approved by the head of design.

What are the personal prerequisites required to be a good footwear designer?

Footwear designing is a very creative field. One should have an open mind, creative ideas and a flare of getting inspired by any entity. Also one should be very patient as it takes time to establish oneself in the industry.

Which are the primary institutes to study footwear designing?

Premier institutions that offer courses in footwear designing are:

Footwear Design & Development Institute, Noida and Chennai

Central Leather Research Institute( CLRI), Chennai)

Central Footwear Training Institute (Chennai, Agra)

National Institute of Fashion Technology (New Delhi, Gandhinagar, and Chennai)

Government Leather Institute, Agra

What are the career prospects of a footwear designer?

Prospects are extremely good if you have a capability to sell yourself. Footwear designers may get appointed as designers, buyers, management trainees, assistant managers, and managers in different areas of production, marketing etc. Now a day’s even free lance designers are also in demand.

What is the future of footwear designing as a career in India?

Footwear designing has a quite bright future in India. Gradually the non organized sector is converting in to organized industry and outsourcing is increasing from India. Companies from different part of the globe are opening their ventures in India, thus require good amount of professionals on regular basis. Footwear designers can join specialist footwear companies, sportswear companies, designer labels, at both junior and executive levels. Upon gaining sufficient experience, one can set up his/her own exclusive footwear label or enter in the market as a footwear technician, footwear line builder, trade analyst, cost analyst, senior production co-coordinator or production manager, etc.

What starting salary can a footwear designer expect in the beginning?

Salaries are always given by the employers based on individual’s caliber and capability. Freshers may get Rs 8,000-Rs12,000 per month in domestic company, but they may get between Rs15,000 to Rs 20,000 in international companies. It’s a good paying industry so one shouldn’t worry about the packages.

It is a fairly new field, is it ok to pursue a career in it? Are there any risks involved?

Personally I do not find any risk in this field, footwear industry has a great potential to absorb a large number of trained and skilled manpower.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a footwear designer?

In any footwear factory designer is a key position as well highly responsible position for control of any discrepancy.

Can you give some tips to be a successful footwear designer?

There is no sure short formula for success in footwear industry. You have to understand the needs of market and you shouldn’t take time to transform your idea/creativity/concept in to reality.

Which footwear designers should one look upto?

Swati Meherotra, Gaurav Gupta, and Rajesh Pratap Singh are some of the leading Indian footwear designers that you can look upto. Jimmy Choo, Salvatore Ferragamo, Christian Louboutin are the world renowned footwear designers.

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