Sonam Kapoor makes Pantashoes trend !

If you are wondering like majority people what are pantashoes , we too were fascinated with the term. Apparently it is a hybrid of boots and tights which was trending on social media after Sonam Kapoor wore these “pantashoes”¬† , a look custom made by her sister Rhea Kapoor.

This new years look was launched by Balenciaga , a very quirky style indeed. Sonam Kapoor was spotted wearing this ensemble for the movie promotions for her upcoming movie “Padman ” where she is starring with¬† Akshay Kumar. The pants cum boots are skin tight and feels like a second skin just like your stockings matched with your favorite pair of boots ! Sonam matched her look with a comfy grey sweatshirt and redefined fashion like the true fashion diva she is.

This winter season boots are the true blue favorites . This is combining our favorite boots with skin tight leggings. Dynamic fashion is definitely the new trend of the season with designers trying to experiment and fuse fashion and clothing with accessories. Accessories have become as much a part of the industry as clothing labels.

The idea for pantashoes goes a long way down the memory road to 1960s with a design called “Pan-T’-Boot” with a similar concept .However they had the issue of the leggings slipping down which is solved now with advancement in the fashion technology.The fabric stays and has a zip just like your average day pants!

The pantashoes worn by Sonam Kapoor are worth around Rs 1,80,000 and has been trending in the International media since forever. This is a popular style favorite of Kim Kardashian to Salma Hayek and is popularly termed as “Bants” a popular slang for this hybrid!



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