The right pair of earrings for your body type

There’s hardly a girl who does not wear earrings. Actually, not just girls, right from babies to grannies, just about every female sports them. They class up your face and give you a very feminine look.

However, you should know how to choose the right type of earrings for your face and body. Do not go for what is in, or what you saw your favourite celebrity wear. Choose them according to your personality, your face cut and your body type.

Thin and petite

If you are thin and petite, do not wear chunky danglers that look heavier than you. Big hoops, multi-tiered pieces and heavy stuff will make you look as if the earrings are wearing you, rather than the other way round. Go for studs, single drop earrings, single layer danglers, huggies and tear drop earrings. They will complement your body type, make you look feminine and give you the right look.

Tear drop earrings

Tall and buxom

If you have a large frame and a full body, you have the liberty to wear large earrings. You are the kind that can safely go for large metal danglers, chandelier earrings, ear cuffs, and multi-tiered drops. Avoid studs and huggies, as they may not show well on you. You don’t want people having to concentrate hard to locate your ear accessories, do you?

Chandelier earrings

Medium-height/short and full

If you are of medium height, or of short stature, and have a full figure, stick to studs, huggies and tear drop earrings. Do avoid chunky stuff, the chandelier earrings, or large hoops. Single drop earrings and tear drop earrings will look best on you.


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