Scattered all over India’s 7,500-km-long coastline are some incredibly scenic beaches that offer everything, from solitude, peace and serenity to high action water sports, a vibrant night life and global cuisine. Regardless of whether you are a sybaritic sun-worshipper or a seeker of your own space, these awesome beaches will not disappoint you. Here’s a

In these winter months, plan an extraordinary journey to witness the finest culture of the country. Well, there are hundreds of festivals in our country but winter festivals are our favorite. so here is a list of winter festivals that you shouldn’t miss. Camel Fair Winter brings out the best in some places, and, Rajasthan

If you are the travelling kind and have a love of wild life, then you will agree that nothing beats spotting a tiger in its natural habitat. The majestic, awe-inspiring tiger tops the list of must-see animals of India, along with the elephant. There are several national parks you can go to in order to

Well, friends if you are planning a trip to somewhere and are confused with the destination then I will give you 7 reasons, why you should travel to McLeod Ganj. McLeod Ganj is tucked in the mighty Himalayas, in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. Himachal Pradesh is an enticingly diverse state with some of

Of the many scenic spots in God’s Own Country (Kerala, in case you hail from some other planet!), Thekkady is, perhaps, one of the most enchanting and mesmerizing. Nestled among lush forests in the Idukki district, bordering Tamil Nadu, it is a wild life sanctuary, located at a distance of 185 km from Cochin Internaitonal

So you are a serious trekker? Not for you the gentle slopes and mild ascents and descents. You mean business. Right. We have the perfect trek for you. Go and try the Kuari Pass trek. And if you happen to be exploring the Himalayas for the first time, you will be quite overcome. One of

Munnar has long been a much-favoured tourist destination for people all over the world. The lush greenery, tea plantations, forests, valleys, wild life, waterfalls, and more, are sure to beckon the traveller in you. Stretching along the Western Ghats, this hill station is ideal for a family vacation as well as a romantic jaunt. Plan

If you haven’t been able to figure out a trip down south, thinking there isn’t a lot to do, no problem I would be a lot helpful to you. If you are confused which are the best places in the south which include all your adventure, exploring, temples and everything, then let me tell you

Weddings mean months of planning, preparations and a lot of stress. For every bride-to be this can be one crazy ride and the only time she can actually relax or have some fun is at her bachelorette are you also confused where to go for a bachelorette trip??? Don’t worry chillax I have got