7 Reasons you will love to go to McLeod Ganj

Well, friends if you are planning a trip to somewhere and are confused with the destination then I will give you 7 reasons, why you should travel to McLeod Ganj. McLeod Ganj is tucked in the mighty Himalayas, in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. Himachal Pradesh is an enticingly diverse state with some of India’s best hill stations and Mcleod Ganj is loved by all.

Scenic beauty

There’s something about hill stations, they might look alike to some extent but the feeling each one gives is totally different. If you’re lucky you might experience four seasons in a day or within a few hours, fog, rains, sun peering from behind the heavy clouds or bright sunlight. Get absorbed in the green paradise, breathing the fresh unpolluted air and soaking in the beauty.

For the Food

Most of the restaurants and cafes in McLeodganj have outdoor seating with stunning views of snow-clad peaks and towering deodars, so you won’t be staring at your phone while waiting for your food to arrive.Apart from the usual suspects like Tibet Kitchen and Kailasha restaurant, known for their Tibetan delicacies.

For the Treks

There are four basic trails/treks from McLeodganj that you must try. Among all, there is triund which is The most popular, albeit longest, the trek of the bunch. Three hours uphill from Guna Devi temple will get you there. Do stay the night at Triund. The alpine meadow has superb views of the Dhauladhars on one side and the Kangra Valley on the other..You’ll need hiking boots, a tent and a reliable guide so you don’t end up lost in mountain-goat country.

Shiva cafe and Bhagsu

Bhagsu is 2 km from Mcleodganj and autorickshaws and taxis are easily available. Some people hike up to Bhagsu too which is not a bad idea. The Shiva temple is the main attraction in Bhagsu. Apart from the temple, there is a 30 feet waterfall which is located in Bhagsunag village. It is around 1km from the temple and the only option to reach the waterfall is by walking. Shiva cafe is close to Bhagsunag waterfall and it definitely worth it to pay a visit

So Peaceful

If your wanderlust is desperately looking forward to ending up landing on some calm and tranquil land, then all you require is an exciting trip to McLeod Ganj right away! The moment you start penetrating deeper into the periphery of this heavenly town, the sensation of peace and stillness will begin to take a stronger hold of your mind and soul.


If you think that nothing on this earth can beat your city fashion, then I would request you to take a pause and wait until you hit the vibrant marketplace of McLeod Ganj. The fashion trend of this town gets clearly reflected in the elegance with which women carry themselves and you definitely would be awestruck after seeing them.

Amazing Climate

Since a long time, the serene climate of this pretty hill station has been an important aspect that has helped it earn good amount of tourists in almost every season of the year. Except for the rainy season, McLeod Ganj remains flocked with families and couples to the extent that being able to find a room in some good hotel becomes quite a tough task for the visitors.

Lovely Locations

From bottom to the brim, McLeod Ganj is filled with striking places of interest for the foreigners and travelers who wish to go on a soulful journey to some different world existing on the charismatic land of India. Surrounded by gigantic hills, this lovely destination located in the enchanting state of Himachal Pradesh gives exemplary tourist spots, which can give you the best backdrop for your photographs that you would like to get clicked in various funky poses.

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