Bewitching Boston


I visited Boston at the time of heavy snowfall. When I reached it was freezing

I checked into the extravagantly expensive Four Seasons Hotel. The hotel was fantabulous and had a well equiped heating system.  


I had a short two days stay in Boston. On the first day I visted the prestigious Harvard Business School and relished my meal there.  

Boston is a commercial and student city mainly, having big colleges and universities like Massachussets , Harvard etc.

There was a huge snowstorm in the city every day.

On the next day, I went to the nearby market, there was snow  even on the tables and chairs kept outside restaurants. The road was so wet that I could barely walk.

The cold was unbearable so I just took a small stroll and quickly checked into a restaurant.  I had a nice Italian meal for dinner. 

I checked out of the  Four Seasons  the next morning, after having lavish buffet breakfast.

My stay at boston was short yet satisfying!!                                                                                                                                              


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